Living with a Canadian family

A great opportunity to practice your English skills

Living with a Canadian family as a home stay student will give you an excellent opportunity to practice your English skills and experience real Canadian culture. Our Home-stay families are located in some of the finest areas of London, Ontario; these homes are safe, secure and inspected by our coordinators. We ask that you be prepared to adjust to your new family’s household routine, food and rules. You will be one of the family!

Your home-stay family will provide you with a private room, a comfortable bed, and a desk with suitable light. You may try many different types of foods. Please be sure to tell your home-stay family what you like and dislike. Also, your laundry will be done by the home-stay family.

A healthy breakfast in the morning, a packed lunch for the afternoon, and a complete dinner in the evening will be provided every day by your Home-stay family. You may choose to pack your own lunch, if you wish.

Independent Living

If you prefer to live on your own or with a friend, the coordinators at Canadian ESL Centre  will help you find a suitable apartment or house. Rental fees depend on the accommodation. You will be responsible for your own meals.

Contact Information

Telephone: +1 (519) 601-1211


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